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Candle Sticks Pomegranate

Candle Sticks Pomegranate
Product Code: shabbat
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Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.5x0x7.5 cm
Price: £160.00

These elegant stunning square candle sticks made of lazer cut pomegranate on crystal, can be ideal for a wedding gift, anniversary or as a beautiful Rosh Hashanah gift.

The pomegranate in the jewish tradition symbolizes the 613 commandments because there are 613 seeds in each pomegranate. It is referenced throughout the Bible as one of the 7 species native to the Land of Israel. In addition, the pomegranate has some of the deepest and richest symbolism in Judaism as its many seeds symbolise the mitzvot, and hence, righteousness, as well as prosperity, fruitfulness and wisdom. 
Designed by Anat Mayer who is one of Israel's premier Judica artists.

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