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Our Story

Wrap a Wish began its life in February 2004, founded by sisters-in-law Gila and GalitLike many of our friends,

we found ourselves often browsing Brent Cross Shopping Centre in search of the perfect gift be it for an engagement,

a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or even as a thank you for an stunning dinner party... no shop seemed to contain the ideal gifts,

much less all under one roof.


On the rare occasion when we did find a gift, we faced the puzzling question of how to

present it?! Many shops offer gift-wrapping but it’s all too often in the form of cheap wrapping paper– certainly not one

to present to a loved one’s 40th celebration. This meant returning home to attempt gift wrapping ourselves.

It was then when we decided to take matters into our own hands so we visited our first gift exhibition and founded

Wrap a Wish shortly after given the right tools. Wrap a Wish was born on the principle that the presentation is just

as important as the gift itself, and no effort is spared in making what we sell as beautiful, elegant and aesthetically

appealing as possible. A beautifully presented gift shows you really care!  So there we were – two full-time mothers

in search of a hobby, ordering our husbands and sons up and down the stairs, carrying crate-loads of stock. Within

a short time, we had transformed the basement into a veritable treasure trove – a real ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, as affectionately

named by our enchanted customers.


Three years later, we found that we were facing too much demand to run our little  gift emporium out of the cellar,

and felt the time had come to cease being the best-kept secret of the local housewives. With a small shop to

let just around the corner, our business was no longer just a hobby, we began to move our stock, certain that

nothing would stop us. In May 2007, we moved into our shop on Regents Park Road, opposite College Farm,

and have been operating from there ever since.